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Here is Japanese Pink's Livejournal, and it's friends only.

For more informations about me, my profile is the best thing to look at.

If you want to be added, just comment on this post.

Now have a random picture of DJ OZMA.

Since I didn't ask for my feedback page on eglfb yet, I'm making one on my own LJ. At least, I guess I can transfer it on the real thing or something.

So, feedback here !
I decided to become a lolita in my everyday life. I watched a documentary, and felt it was the moment for me to radically change everything I am.

That's all.

I don't know. I felt like post it here.
I think I'm just going to close this place.

I do not have anything interesting to say, everything is located in my Facebook.

Anyway, noone gives a shit about what I'm doing.

And plus, I'm tired of writing in english. I CAN do it, but it's not my language after all.

Well, bye.



Karl dit : I am doing JAVASCRIPT
Karl dit : (dance)
Karl dit : Everytime my functions work
Karl dit : I stand up
Karl dit : Put my pants down
Karl dit : And rub my dick all over the screen in orgasm

Some other funneh shit in my logs with KarlCollapse )

I fucking love talking with Karl.